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Committed to team success


Why Choose Sila Capital?

Sila Capital is always looking for world-class visionaries and talented professionals to join our growing real estate firm. At Sila Capital, we are changing how our community is shaped and how investors maximize returns on their investment through extremely well-thought-out projects in suitable markets.

As one of the leading and most active multifamily and mixed-use real estate development and investment firms in Carmel, IN, Sila Capital offers an excellent career for entrepreneurial and competitive professionals who want to get compensated in a way that is commensurate with their efforts. Sila Capital offers competitive salaries and other benefits that reflect our mission and values as an organization.

Team Values
We are committed to offering best-in-class housing for individuals and families of all income levels and creating excellent spaces that improve people’s lives while providing the best return on capital for our investors and partners. Our core values include:

Sila Capital succeeds when our communities flourish, and our investors earn stable returns.


Partnerships drive Sila Capital forward. We foster and facilitate strong, thriving relationships.


Operating with honesty and the highest ethical standards at all times is our priority.


We take our responsibility as fiduciaries seriously and know the importance of being good stewards for our investors as well as our residents.


Community Involvement

Our executive team prioritizes community involvement and corporate social responsibility. The projects we invest in focus on improving and enhancing the overall lifestyle and well-being of the community while establishing a positive and healthy environment for everybody.

Find out how you can have an impact on your community and grow your career with Sila Capital

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