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Creating opportunities since 2010

Sila Capital was founded with a single goal in mind: to develop real estate projects with enduring value and the potential to become timeless.

Our team of creative professionals carefully evaluates each project in order to adhere to both financial and time constraints.

We work closely with investors and municipalities to exceed expectations and have a positive impact on the communities we serve.

Felix Shalit

CEO, Sila Capital, LLC

Sila Capital is a privately owned real estate development and investment firm focusing on ground-up development of Class A multifamily projects in the $30M-$60M range.
The company started in 2010 by buying non-performing commercial mortgages and building a 200,000 sq. ft office portfolio.

In 2016 the company broke ground on its first multifamily development, and since then has built multiple Class A multifamily communities with a total budget of over $200M and over 1 million gross square feet.
The company has recently expanded its footprint in the Southeast U.S. region, where it is developing projects in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Alabama.


What drives our success

As a leader in the real estate development space, Sila Capital embraces four foundational principles:
Precise Planning

It all starts with planning. If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there. A well-planned, top-down investment strategy is essential for success.

Sound Decisions

The best strategies are informed by data and tempered by rational decision-making. We leverage our history and expertise in the real estate space to find ideal opportunities in the markets with the most potential. 

Active Management

Nobody hands you value- you have to make it. We create value through skillful portfolio management and a hands-on approach.

Risk Mitigation 

We defend your wealth by accurately managing risk- ensuring that your portfolio not only survives but thrives, regardless of underlying market conditions.

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Sila Capital at a glance

Carmel, Indiana

Our primary location

$200+ Million

Total Assets Under Management

4 States

Active in several markets, including Indiana, Alabama, North Carolina, and South Carolina

$30-60 million

Average deal size per transaction


We're always looking for great talent.

Sila Capital is always searching for world-class visionaries and talented professionals to join our growing real estate firm.

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